famo.us - with flying, burning ponies

Michael Bohn - @lambdaFn

This talk will give an introduction to the famo.us UI framework that we evaluated at freiheit.com for a prototype application. famo.us is built for top-notch animation stuff, which is why we need a real world example to show the power of this framework. In our real world example, we will animate flying ponies … on fire (smoothly, of course, no one likes to see stuttering ponies!) in pure HTML and CSS.

Learnings after listening to this talk will be:

  • Bootstrapping an Application with famo.us
  • How famo.us works in its basics
  • Basic knowledge on 2D/3D transformations
  • Rendering 3D physics animation to the DOM
  • You’ll have immeasurable love for ponies

Disclaimer: No ponies will be harmed during this talk!