TDD ain't dead - but still there is BDD

Sebastian Schürmann - @sschuermann

You got your TDD skills, right? Arrange, Act and Assert is what guides your unit tests and they are a tool that helps structuring your code and guide your development process. You are not writing integration, but unit-tests (these are easier, aight?).
It's all fine, but there is a new universe of tools on the rise that have a different approach to testing. Namely:

  • The test code is a set of documentation (no could be, if the customer learns how to read code)
  • Automation is done from outside in (hello UI and integration tests)
  • BDD tools support already the specification process.

BDD is not challenging the TDD mindset, but brings new ideas to the table and these will be explored in my talk where I will show what you can do with the 2015 set of js based BDD tools (and why the toolchain does not matter at all).