ES6 Katas mob-style session

Wolfram Kriesing - @wolframkriesing

In order to learn anything it's best to get your hands dirty. Let's do it with the next version of JavaScript, EcmaScript 6/2015, ES6, or whatever name you've heard :). This session is about interactively picking a kata (or koan) from Each Kata consists of a small number of failing tests that uses one of the new features of ES6. In order to get the tests to green (passing) you need to properly use the ES6 feature and/or hopefully learn+understand it.

We will do this mob-style, which introduce everyone to one new feature of ES6 at a time by doing so. Mob-style means 1) everyone sees the code 2) one person types while 3) the crowd discusses and 4) suggests the solution, which 5) will then be typed and 6) tests will be executed and 7) should become green one at a time.