Testing with Intern

Dylan Schiemann - @dylans

Intern ( http://theintern.io/ ) is a flexible test framework for efficiently testing applications with JavaScript or TypeScript. It offers the following features:

  • Multiple environments: Run tests in browsers, Node.js, and in the cloud (BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, TestingBot, Selenium Grid)
  • Promises-based async: Uses standard Promises-based APIs for async testing
  • Code coverage: Full statement, line, branch, and function coverage data using Istanbul
  • Full testing lifecycle support: Unit, integration, and system testing
  • Easy continuous integration: Seamless integration with Jenkins, SonarQube, TeamCity, Travis CI, etc.
  • Consistent WebDriver experience: Workarounds for known WebDriver defects
  • Flexible and customizable test reporters

For this talk, I'll give an overview of how to get started with Intern.