Functional MVC with MithrilJS

Stephan Hoyer - @cmx66

JS-Frameworks tend to add complexity. They extend the language by introducing new concepts (jsx, DI, additional template languages, filters, directives, collections, ...) or large inheritance trees. This often leads to confusion and steep learning curves. Frameworks like Angular, Ember or Backbone also tend to lock you into their eco systems.

MithrilJS has a different approach. It embraces functional programming and basic JavaScript with plain objects and arrays.

It's the first framework that speeds up your development from the first seconds of use since it has a pretty small API surface and great documentation. Despite this is already pretty awesome there are two additional arguments to use MithrilJS: it's super tiny (<5kb minified, gzip) and super fast.

The talk will introduce the whole framework. I will try to build a small example application. If there is enough time I will give an overview on how to build an isomorphic javascript application with MithrilJS.